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Nutritional health is an important component for maximizing the healing and recovery process and the long term physical results of your surgical procedure. A healthy diet is rich in whole foods, optimizes digestion and absorption of nutrients and minimizes inflammation. Taking nutritional supplements and improving lifestyle habits can positively affect your entire surgical experience.

For these reasons Egrari Plastic Surgery Center has partnered with Certified Nutritionist and founder of Nutrition Northwest Co., Angela Pifer.

Nutritional guidelines and meal plans will be made available to you at your pre-op appointment. You may also access these guidelines and plans through our website, by following the links at the bottom of this page.

To ensure that your diet and lifestyle habits will sustain your cosmetic results, health, and vitality long term, Dr. Egrari strongly suggests that you enroll post-op in Nutrition Northwest’s 90 Day Whole Life Nutrition Program. This comprehensive program offers you ongoing support and combines nutrition education, behavioral modification and stress management. Call now for a free phone consultations: 425.747.5282 or Email.

Postsurgical Nutrition Guidelines

  • How to optimize your nutritional health for surgery.
  • Specific nutritional supplements vital to your recovery, health, and healing.
  • What foods to eat and how to plan simple meals including the foods you like.
  • The best sources of protein for healing, recovery, and health.
  • What fats reduce inflammation, promote healthy skin nand weight.
  • Foods and supplements to limit or avoid before, during and after surgery.

You will receive recommendations regarding exercise, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle along with educational materials, and tools to help you achieve and maintain your surgical goals.

Presurgical Nutrition Guidelines

Postsurgical Nutrition Guidelines


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