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Meet Clean & Lean Revolution Founder & Director and Proud Bastyr Graduate, Certified Nutritionist Angela Pifer

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Angela is the founder of Nutrition Northwest Co., the premier provider of sound nutrition and wellness advice in the Northwest with offices in Seattle & Bellevue. Learn More About Angela

Please call Angela at 425.747.5282 or Email to inquire about individual programs (start anytime)

The Clean & Lean Revolution is a unique and exciting evolution in the field of nutrition and wellness – a year round online member only community website led personally by licensed nutrition expert, Angela Pifer. This innovative platform will provide you the encouragement and motivation to create a vibrant healthy lifestyle!

Participants will gain encouragement and motivation from the member-only community website. Ongoing challenges, content, & over 400 recipes, reinforce the Five Key Aspects of Health – the foundation of the Clean & Lean Revolution!

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Angela, thank you so much for such an informative, well organized, well designed and user friendly website and program. I have learned so much in these few short weeks and will be able to follow your program indefinitely. I have had very few cravings since the first week and am amazed I feel so terrific. I have incorporated yoga, Pilates and meditation in my schedule and know I will be able to keep this up, as well. Your program has drastically changed my life. My BP is down, I have lost inches and I am losing weight. I know the weight loss will continue. I am so happy I joined with my husband, Reuben. Grace 3/24/2011

I feel good and have lost nine pounds Reuben 3/22/2011