Food Sensitivities

I turn, ‘This is what you can’t eat,’ into, ‘These are all the things you can eat.’

In general, food sensitivities (intolerances) exist when an individual experiences difficulty in the digestion of specific foods or certain groupings of foods. Food allergies exist when an individual’s immune system reacts negatively to a food or liquid causing swelling, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, itching, rashes, or flushing of the skin soon after eating a food.

Food sensitivities can be caused by many different factors and reactivity is not always consistent. This is because the response to food involves not only the immune system or a particular sensitivity to some of the molecules in foods, but is also affected by the health of the entire digestive tract and whether it is providing a good barrier for your body. Therefore when the health of your digestive system is compromised you may have a sensitivity to foods which otherwise would not affect you adversely, such as in times of extreme stress.

Together we will discover which foods you are sensitive to and replace them will healthy and tasty alternatives. We will allow your gut to heal by improving your health and overall lifestyle. From there we can determine when and if you will be able to once again incorporate these foods into your life through a rotation diet.

Food Sensitivity Labs Available!

  • 96 Item Food Panel Testing – Available at Time of Service
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