Emotional Eating

Emotional eating usually serves as a coping mechanism in the absence of other, healthier ways of managing emotions and stress. Emotional eating will not simply resolve on its own and may turn into a lifelong battle if not addressed.

As a nutritional counselor I work with individuals to help them redefine their relationship with food in a more safe and healthy manner.

Through our work together we will determine the best eating plan for you and you will learn simple and yet effective ways to improve your patterns and begin to see the consistency you have been longing for. How would it feel to regain your confidence? You are capable of making healthier choices and sticking with them long term. I will help you navigate the obstacles that have prevented you from seeing success in the past. I will develop an easy to follow meal plan and then I will be there for you to guide you through your day to day choices.

Emotional Eating Article “Mindful Eating”

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