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Detoxification is not about fasting for a weekend or taking a bunch of supplements in the hopes that they will ‘clean out’ you insides. A proper detoxification program should be food based, last 30-45 days and teach you how to incorporate long term lifestyle changes. It is not a quick fix. The Rejuvenate Detoxification Program focuses on reducing internal and external toxic sources, including, but not limited to, pesticides, solvents, food additives and preservatives as well as stress and lack of sleep. The changes focus on increasing circulation through activities like massage, gentle physical activity and dry body brushing, sweating through exercise and sauna, adding healthy whole foods which supply your liver with the proper nutrients to let it do its job and fiber to promote a healthy colon and drinking plenty of fluids. Supplementation is useful, but should not be the sole focus of a detoxification program.

  • You will receive an education that offers honest and reasonable recommendations
  • With the ongoing support you receive you will turn these changes into lasting habits
  • You will learn how to improve your lifestyle patterns to best support a toxic free life
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