Two Week Intensive Program: 895.00

This program is ideal if you only want an ‘assessment’ of your current health (what is at the root of your symptoms, versus trying to simply address symptoms), goals and lifestyle habits and a detailed starting plan that you can run with.

  • Week One: 90 minute intake session (in person, or, long distance via *Skype video)
    • This consultation fee includes a one hour review of all labs, paperwork, and intake forms prior to your appointment
    • After intake session, you will journal: track eating, lifestyle habits and symptoms for five days. While you are journaling I’ll review intake session notes, labs, research your case further and follow up with your doctors
    • Daily email communication is included during this time, to clarify instructions.
    • After I review your five day journals, I will create a customized plan to address diet, movement, stress, sleep and gut health.
  • Week Two: 60 minute call to discuss your plan

*If I will be working with you long distance our first intake appointment must be via video and not a simple phone call. After our initial intake video session, communication will continue via phone and email support.

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