Two Part Assessment – One Week

This introductory nutrition consultation package offers you the chance to get all of your nutrition questions answered and get a customized plan in the process.

  • 90 minute consultation (in person, or long distance via *Skype video)
  • After intake, journal: track eating, lifestyle habits and symptoms for three-five days.
  • While you are journaling I’ll review intake session notes, labs and follow up with your doctors. Daily communication is included.
  • After I review your journals, I’ll create a customized plan to address your goals.
  • 45 minute call to discuss new plan.
  • Detailed plan provided that address food, digestion, sleep, activity and targeted neutraceutical support (if applicable).

Schedule an Appointment:

Two Part Nutrition Assessment – One Week: 495.00


NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE. You are welcome to break up any of the program fees into even monthly payments. This can be arranged during your intake session; simply let me know if you would like to space out 2-5 monthly payments at the time of service.