Wellness & Lifestyle-Fifteen Week Program

Your health is precious and so are you! This comprehensive  Fifteen Week Wellness and Lifestyle Program combines nutrition education, behavioral modification and stress management. The focus is to teach you behavior change strategies which lead to lasting weight loss and weight management, reduced risk factors for disease, and improved health. This weight loss program is successful because it includes research-based behavior change strategies. By helping you adopt beneficial behaviors, I can help you add years to your life.

By changing behaviors one week at a time, through realistic goal setting and assistance from your personal nutritionist, you’ll meet your health and lifestyle and weight loss goals. Unlike other diet programs, your time won’t be spent following some strict meal plan. It will be spent practicing healthy behaviors such as reading the educational materials provided, walking every day, and shopping for the right foods at the grocery store. Each week you will set weekly goals and communicate regularly with your nutritionist between scheduled appointments.

15 Week Wellness and Lifestyle Program:

  • Tailored nutritional plan created just for you
  • 90 minute intake session
  • Two 60 minute Follow-Up visits
  • Online Food JournalingFood journals collected weekly
  • Fifteen Weeks of weekly phone consultations*
  • Fifteen Weeks of daily access through email support*
  • High level of accountability keeps you motivated
  • Enjoy free access to my online program, for the length of time that we work together one on one. Meditation, streaming yoga, 700+ recipes and health and wellness videos to support you with your health endeavors.
  • Healthy Eating 101
    • Behavioral Modification: we will identify what drives you to eat, other than hunger, and you will learn new strategies to deal with these non-hunger cues
    • Nutrition Education: we will look at your individual eating habits and patterns and I will teach you how to make them healthier
    • Stress Management: learn to reduce your stress through means other than food
    • Activity Section: learn to incorporate a healthy and effective amount of activity in your life.

Studies show that it takes at least three months of consistently performing an action for it to become a new habit; a permanent fixtures in our daily routines. This program is ideal for managing multiple food sensitivities, IBS and other bowel disorders, weight loss over 20 pounds and for those with a history of emotional eating and dieting.

I encourage you to take an active role in improving your health

*this fifteen week program may be used consecutively for fifteen weeks, or, intermittently. For example, we can use four weeks initially and then spread the remaining eleven weeks out over time, to best suit your health goals.

Schedule an Appointment: office@nutritionnorthwest.com

Wellness and Lifestyle – Fifteen Week Program         2555.00

NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE. You are welcome to break up any of the program fees into even monthly payments. This can be arranged during your intake session; simply let me know if you would like to space out 2-5 monthly payments at the time of service.


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