Health and Wellness – Five Week Program

Work one on one with your own personal nutritionist and experience the daily structure and customized meal and lifestyle plan that will help you lose weight, and stay healthy. You will learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food and the confidence to make the right choices for the rest of your life.

How do you know the five week program is right for you? If your weight loss goal is less than ten pounds, or if you need to adjust to a newly diagnosed food sensitivity, or if you simply want to learn if you are eating healthfully for your age, then the 30 Day program is for you.

However, if you have larger goals: greater than fifteen pounds of weight loss or more, a long history of emotional eating or a long history of a digestive condition, then you may want to consider the 90 Day Program.

Five Week Program Includes:

  • Individualized so you can start any time
  • 90 minute intake session (in person or via Skype video)
  • Printed analysis of current eating patterns
  • Food journals collected week
  • Enjoy free access to my online program, for the length of time that we work together one on one. Meditation, streaming yoga, 700+ recipes and health and wellness videos to support you with your health endeavors.
  • 30 minute phone consultations, scheduled weekly
  • Five weeks of daily access through email support*
  • 60 minute follow up session to bring it all together

*this five week program may be used consecutively for five weeks, or, intermittently. For example, we can use two weeks initially and then spread the remaining three weeks out over time, to best support your goals.

Schedule an Appointment:

Health and Wellness Program – Five Week Program         995.00

NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE. You are welcome to break up any of the program fees into even monthly payments. This can be arranged during your intake session; simply let me know if you would like to space out 2-5 monthly payments at the time of service.


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